The glass is then cut to match the shapes of the pattern pieces, and laid out on the
"cartoon".  The pieces are then assembled like a puzzle, with lead came around
each piece.
The lead is then soldered together and the window is
cemented for strength and weatherproofing.
Our staff can visit you on location for
estimates, repairs, and installation.
Stained (Painted) Glass
Glass can be painted to create more detail.
Sandblasted Glass
Glass can also be sandblasted for clear pictures
and text. This is excellent for business signs.
Beveled Glass and Jewels
Jewels and bevelled glass can add a three-dimensional
element to your window, and they refract light beautifully.
Preston Art Glass can create a one of
a kind window for you at almost any size.
The price of a custom window depends on
the complexity of the design.  We can
duplicate a window that you've seen, you
can look through our portfolios to get
ideas, or we can create a truly original
design, modern or traditional.  We will
begin by drawing up a few thumbnail sketches.  With your feedback, we will then
refine the final design.  A full scale cartoon is then drawn and copied to pattern
paper. The window will be built on top of this "cartoon".  Pattern paper is then
traced and cut into shapes that will be used for templates for each piece of glass.
Cartoon drawing
Pattern pieces
Assembling Glass